Social media Calendar for Preparers
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Let’s face it, most of our time, whether professionally or personally, is spent on social media. The integration of business and social media has become the core of many enterprises today. In this modern world, you need to be on social media to optimize your sales, publicity, and chance at being a brand sensation. That’s where the Social Media Calendar come in handy. These Social Media Calendar for tax Preparers help you hone in on your brand message by planning content for taxes 5 months in advance. If you’re a tax preparer looking to connect with your audience better, having a social media calendar to organize your thoughts and message is a must!

Key Features
● Plan content for up to 5 months in advance
● Helps you implement your ideas into social media content strategies
● Can be managed and viewed on the go
● Great for entrepreneurs looking to increase their social media presence

Plan your social media posts with our Social Media Calendars and order yours today!

Tax Pro Bundle

Your all in one solution to social media dominance and tax preparation! The Tax Pro Bundle features our Tax Pro Planner, Social Media Journal, and Social Media Calendar to help clarify your brand strategy. This Tax Pro Bundle includes our helpful tax software to automate the process for you. Don’t stress tax season or posting on social media anymore. With all the included solutions, you’ll find it easier to make consistent, high-quality social media posts while keeping all tax information up to date and accurate.

Key Features
● Comes with our Tax Pro Planner, Social Media Calendar, and Social Media Journal
● Automates taxes and simplifies the process so you stress less come tax season
● Plan social media content months in advance
● Organize your thoughts, ideas, and map out a brand strategy

Plan taxes and organize social media posts with the Tax Pro Bundle and order yours today!
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